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A small cohort of Wichita creators bringing a nontraditional look into Wichita’s art scene through exhibits displayed in storefront windows across Wichita. This all-access walkable art gallery will connect local businesses and artists to curate displays of original art in windows in and around Wichita. Displays highlight a diverse range of artists and creators from across our community through rotating installations over the coming months.

Window into Wichita Arts.png

The A Window into Wichita Art Initiative’s approach to curating this unique arts experience benefits all involved. Artists get an opportunity to create/display their work, gaining exposure to a wide section of the public who might not otherwise see their work. Businesses increase the traffic to their spaces. Occupied buildings gain the opportunity for more visitors to their stores. Re-vitalizing the building’s physical appearance of empty or underused properties can increase commercial value of and interest in these spaces and provide potential clients examples of their potential by putting it to creative use. The local community also benefits, being immersed in a walkable art gallery, improving our local environment through the addition of art in our community, and showcasing the diverse talent found across the city of Wichita. 


If you are an artist or creator and are interested in having your works displayed, please complete this form and an organizer will be in touch shortly. 


If you are a business interested in participating through the use of your storefront windows, please let us know and an organizer will be in touch. (We will begin with businesses on Douglas from Waco to Washington and expand from there over time.) You can reach us at or 316-650-9646 with any questions.

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