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This page will be updated and organized by medium in the coming days. 

Dale Small [Photo + Design] Still booking for any projects relating to graphic design, photography, social media management, motion graphics, and web design. Contact at

William A Stofer Artist-Designer: Art and car show/bike show event creator. Prop maker and industrial security designer (Industrial security design, is glass and window products that shade but provide security and protection)

Heather Byers I own Feather B and make/ ship handmade stuffed animals. I am also available for drawing/painting/mural projects. My art Instagram is @2dheatherb

Jim Simpson The majority of my work is acrylic painting. It’s a medium that works well with my method of painting. Other works done in mosaic or sculpture provide a wealth of motifs that find their way back into my easel paintings. If I were to characterize my work in a few words it would be expressive and sincere, I believe the process of letting the image evolve on the surface results in a more authentic and fresh result.

Cort Anderson B&W photography, high end B&W photo printing, photography instruction.

Jenelle Lori Robinson i also do illustrations and have a digital branding book on my etsy shop! Printingandhoping

Chloé Gutmann painter with available works.


Claytique Roses Studios Tony Christenson. Small batch potter specializing in funky flowers. Ceramic roses. Functional pottery and a line of 100% handmade porcelain candle line

Amanda Trotter Amanda V. Productions On location photography - family, senior, kids, pets and portraits. 

Aida Bell I create abstract paintings that express emotions through sculpted art, I might take you on the edge of a cliff where you can feel the power of the wind blowing against your body or the sounds of the waves crashing onto your ears. I might take you where you can feel free and at peace, grounded to earth, surrendering to mother nature grandiosity. I might even connect you to your own deep emotions.

Hunter Sinclair Myers  I’m a graphic designer and illustrator. I am taking on projects pertaining to digital marketing (FB ads, e-newsletters, google ads, ebooks, etc), print (physical newsletters, mailers, brochures, signs), and illustration. I also take commissions for pen and ink portraits. Some of my work is available to view at

Hugo A. Gogo  photography + artworks available at Instagram: OVNIHUGO

MLW/Malissa Long Wilson Sewing, fiber art, product development Instagram: @mlssfshn

Collin Allen I've made just about everything when it comes to art, furniture, jewelry, clothes, and design

Angie Evans| Angie Evans Fine Art I work with alcohol inks and acrylics with resin. I also use the same techniques for coasters and serving trays and agate-like pendants.

Cooper Blaske Graphic design and illustration

The Loud Cicada Deliliah Reed Follow the link to check out all of the best things you could buy from my shop! I am doing deliveries to your front porch if ya live in Wichita!  ​My work is a reflection of who I am in personality. It is bright and fun and hopefully makes you smile. My primary medium is acrylic paints, but I also love playing with watercolors, chalk, paint, and digital art. What I’m known for in Wichita are my murals along Douglas that have bright, bold color schemes and buggy influences. When expressing myself creatively I tend to focus on themes of nature, nostalgia, and yummy yum yum color palettes that warm my belly. I want to create art that connects with others, be it through a nostalgic memory or by sparking a new emotion or idea in their mind. With my art I have and most likely will always tend more towards that which is “child-like”, carefree, and whimsical. Why draw bugs and nature? I draw things that I am delighted and fascinated by. When I see a cute little bug that I have never seen before my heart flutters and I want to learn more about it! Discovery and exploration are a big drive for me, and after I have learned about something my desire to share my new knowledge with others is immediate.

Eden Quispe

Iris Fletcher I'm an abstract artist work with acrylics.

The Art Park We will be rolling out take home art kits as early as next week and an online daily guided drawing lesson that customers can subscribe to a month at a time.

John Js Studio Watercolor, color pencils and ink.


Jamie & Janine Briggeman watercolor paintings Garrett Briggeman watercolor paintings. We are a husband/wife that love to watercolor. Here is my husbands Instagram art page. 

Brandon Smith I am intersted in doing faux painting and small mural projects . also ceramics .

Anthony Joiner Curation and organizer.

Jen Hendrickson Hi I can paint and draw in the following mediums: pen pencil gouache acrylic watercolor oils rhinestones feathers glitter etc please visit my page Jenijo's Art-capades Online Art Gallery

Aaron Patton | Fine Art A lot of my artwork for sale is at Aptly given as my middle name, Art is at the center of who I am. I make things and images because I’d rather let the work speak than do so myself. Born and raised in the American Heartland, this black sheep has had plenty of room to roam. 

Ulrick Glen Brown ugbphoto on IG I mainly do selfportraiture and painting or 3162856042

Joshua Prilliman I am an artist here in Wichita. I mostly do acrylic paintings, but I have done watercolor in the past. I have been working on mostly endangered animal pieces, but at the same time I do focus on people as well.My art page is Paint By Peaches

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